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    Cute Mom Breastfeeding His Baby - Breastfeeding Videos

    Cute Mom Breastfeeding His Baby - Breastfeeding Videos View 1131 | Durasi 5:46
    Long-term protection, too Breastfeed your baby and you reduce his risk of developing chronic conditions, such as type I diabetes, celiac disease and Crohn's disease. Cute Mom Breastfeeding...
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    Breastfeeding and Brain Development

    Breastfeeding and Brain Development View 40 | Durasi 18
    Human baby is most naive at birth.It is born with underdeveloped brain.80 % of brain development occurs in first three years.Unconditioned love,security ,good nutrition and sensory stimulation...
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    Lactation Green Smoothie

    Lactation Green Smoothie View 38 | Durasi 54
    Easy breakfast smoothie that's filling and could improve milk supply when combined with balanced nutrition and good breastfeeding practices. Download recipe in PDF format here: https://www.myafrica...
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    Amamentação para adultos

    Amamentação para adultos View 11379 | Durasi 1:47
    Uma mulher decidiu largar o emprego para amamentar o namorado, um fisiculturista de 36 anos, a cada duas horas. Segundo Jennifer Mulford, a amamentação do adulto cria um "laço mágico" entre...
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    Baby lihour breastfeeding 8, 2017

    Baby lihour breastfeeding 8, 2017 View 34 | Durasi 2:24
    Bady breastfeeding.
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