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Methaqualone, or brand name Quaalude, is a central nervous system depressant that acts as a sedative and hypnotic.
Its effects include drowsiness, and reduced heart rate and respiration.


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What are Quaaludes?

Generic Name: methaqualone
Widespread Model Names: Quaalude, Sopor
Different Formal Names: Cateudil, Dormutil, Hyminal, Isonox, Melsed, Melsedin, Mequelone, Mequin, Methadorm, Mozambin, Optimil, Parest, Renoval, Somnafac, Toquilone Compositum, Triador, Tuazole.
Casual Names: Bandits, Beirut’s, Blou Bulle, Disco Biscuits, Ewings, Flamingos, Flowers, Genuines, Lemmon 714, Lemons, Lennons, Lovers, Ludes, Mandies, Qua, Quaaludes, Quack, Quad, Randy Mandies, 714, Soaper, Sopes, Sporos, Vitamin Q, Wagon Wheels.

Quaaludes (methaqualone) is an artificial, barbiturate-like, central nervous system depressant. Methaqualone is an anxiolytic and a sedative-hypnotic drug. Quaaludes had been launched as a secure barbiturate substitute, however they later confirmed that the potential for dependancy and withdrawal signs had been just like these of barbiturates. Quaalude (Methaqualone) On-line at our on-line pharmacy

Historical past of Quaalude 300

Quaaludes had been first synthesized in India within the 1950’s. It was launched into America within the 1960’s and by the late 1960’s it turned a well-liked leisure drug. The abuse potential of Quaaludes quickly turned obvious and in 1973 methaqualone was positioned in Schedule II, making it troublesome to prescribe and unlawful to own with out a prescription. In 1984 it was moved to Federal Schedule I, so Quaaludes are not legally out there in the USA.
Quaaludes which are bought for leisure use now are synthesized in unlawful laboratories. Illegally produced Quaaludes can comprise different central nervous system depressants equivalent to benzodiazepines. Purchase Methaqualone online at our online drugstore

Buy Methaqualone online
Lemmon 714, Cateudil, Dormutil, Hyminal, Isonox, Melsed, Melsedin, Mequelone, Mequin, Methadorm, Mozambin, Optimil, Parest, Renoval, Somnafac, Toquilone Compositum, Triador, Tuazole.

Within the Nineteen Sixties a methaqualone and diphenhydramine mixture tablet known as Mandrax was bought as a sedative. Present Mandrax drugs, made illegally, may comprise benzodiazepines, barbiturates, ephedrine, and so forth. Mandrax continues to be broadly abused in South Africa. Purchase Methaqualone online at our online pharmacy

Makes use of of Quaaludes

In prescribed doses, methaqualone promotes leisure, sleepiness, and typically a sense of euphoria. It causes a drop in blood strain and slows the heart beat fee. These properties are the rationale why it was initially considered a helpful sedative and anxiolytic. Purchase Quaalude 300 on-line at our on-line pharmacy.

In 1972, Quaaludes had been probably the most prescribed sedatives in the USA.
It turned a leisure drug attributable to its euphoric impact. Lemmon 714 was a well-liked drug of abuse throughout a lot of the Seventies, regardless that each the USA and Britain tightened management round their use and shelling out. “Luding out” the place Quaaludes had been taken with wine, turned a well-liked school pastime. Quaalude (Methaqualone) On-line at our on-line pharmacy.

Quaalude 300
Purchase Quaalude on-line, Cateudil, Dormutil, Hyminal, Isonox, Melsed, Melsedin, Mequelone, Mequin, Methadorm, Mozambin, Optimil, Parest, Renoval, Somnafac, Toquilone Compositum, Triador, Tuazole.

Methaqualone Dosage

When it was a authorized drugs, methaqualone was out there in pill and capsule type and got here in numerous strengths.

Oral Quaaludes dosages had been 75-150mg for gentle sedation. A generally prescribed dose was 300mg. As much as 600mg was utilized in sturdy sedation. Tolerance develops quickly and a few customers might take as much as 2000mg every day to realize the identical results.
The onset of motion is roughly half-hour after taking Quaaludes and the period of motion is between 5 to eight hours.

Lemmon 714
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Overdose of Lemmon 714

An overdose of Quaalude 300 can result in seizures, coma, or loss of life.
Taking doses of over 300mg might be harmful for first-time customers. Relying on the state of the person’s tolerance, doses of about 8,000mg per day might be deadly and others on even increased doses (or as much as 20,000mg) might survive.
Demise may end up in a lot decrease doses if Quaalude is taken with alcohol, which can be a central nervous system depressant.

Quaaludes use throughout Being pregnant and Breastfeeding

Quaaludes are usually not really helpful throughout being pregnant as the consequences on human fetal improvement are usually not clear.
There isn’t a knowledge out there concerning the results of Quaaludes in breastfeeding.


Quaaludes shouldn’t be taken with alcohol or with different central nervous system depressants. This will increase the depressant results and relying on the doses taken it may be deadly. Quaalude 300 On-line at our on-line pharmacy. Don’t drive or function equipment whereas taking Lemmon 714.

Lemmon 714
Purchase Quaalude on-line, Cateudil, Dormutil, Hyminal, Isonox, Melsed, Melsedin, Mequelone, Mequin, Methadorm, Mozambin, Optimil, Parest, Renoval, Somnafac, Toquilone Compositum, Triador, Tuazole.

Widespread Aspect Results of Quaalude 300

  • Widespread uncomfortable side effects of Quaaludes 300 embody dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, belly cramps, fatigue, itching, rashes, sweating, dry mouth, tingling sensation in legs and arms, seizures, and its depressant results embody diminished coronary heart fee and respiration. Purchase Methaqualone on-line with out a prescription.
  • Quaaludes also can trigger erectile dysfunction and issue attaining orgasms. At excessive doses, it will possibly trigger psychological confusion and lack of muscle management (ataxia). Purchase Quaalude 300 online right here at our on-line pharmacy.
  • This isn’t a whole checklist of uncomfortable side effects and others might happen.

Abuse and Dependence

Abuse of Lemmon 714 creates a barbiturate-type dependence. It’s extremely addictive and frequent customers construct a tolerance to it. Quaaludes may cause withdrawal signs just like barbiturates, together with restlessness, irritability, nausea, vomiting, weak spot, headache, insomnia, tremors, psychological confusion, seizures, and so forth. Purchase Methaqualone online right here at Doverpharma.

When it was used legally, it was discovered that Quaaludes customers had been affected negatively or dying extra due to the accidents they had been in, attributable to poor selections made whereas underneath its affect. The driving abilities of Lemmon 714 customers are impaired and might trigger deadly accidents.

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